Magnum Package

From: 14,999


🌟 Private Cupula/Prism(90 mins)
🌟 Welcome Drinks – 2
🌟 Air Conditioned
🌟 Butler
🌟 Complimentary Cake
🌟 Table Décor
🌟 Paper Banner
🌟 Balloon Décor
🌟 Flower Petal Entrance
🌟 Cold Fire Crackers
🌟 Blind Fold
🌟 Sash & Tiara
🌟 Foil Balloon
🌟 Led Name
🌟 Rose Bouquet
🌟 Smoky Path Entrance
🌟 Smoke Fire
🌟 Photographer


🌟 Starters -2
🌟 Main Course- 1
🌟 Dessert 1

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Capacity of La Cupula

The capacity of La Cupula varies based on the specific space or room you are interested in. Please contact our venue directly for detailed information on capacity.

Private Cupula

La Cupula offers both private and public spaces. You can reserve specific areas for private events. Contact our management for details on private bookings.

Number of Cupula

La Cupula may have multiple spaces or sections within the venue. For information on the number of spaces available, please get in touch with our management.

For Couple or for Family

La Cupula welcomes both couples and families. Our venue is designed to accommodate various group sizes and preferences. Feel free to choose the setting that suits your needs.

Open till Midnight

La Cupula operates until midnight on most days. For specific opening and closing times, including any exceptions, please check with the venue directly.

Alcohol Service

No, La Cupula serves no alcoholic beverages. We offer a diverse selection of drinks to complement your dining or event experience.

Jain, Veg, and Non-Veg Food Options:

La Cupula caters to diverse dietary preferences. We provide separate options for Jain, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian dishes. Please inform us of any specific dietary requirements.

Air Conditioning

Yes, La Cupula is equipped with air conditioning to ensure a comfortable environment for our guests.
Hosting a Party – La Cupula


You can host parties at La Cupula, and the capacity depends on the specific area you choose. To discuss your event and learn about the capacity of our different spaces, please contact our event coordination team.

Celebrating Birthday and Anniversary for a Large Gathering

Absolutely! La Cupula is an excellent venue for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with large gatherings. Our team can assist you in planning and organizing the event. Contact us for more details on available services and accommodations.